August 2017

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´Round Midday

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This is the beta version of a video dance fooling around with the structure and ambiance of Thelonius Monk´s classic “´Round Midnight”, this is a version recorded in 1966 in Norway.  We were doing this summertime so had ridiculous turnover of dancers who could and could not make rehearsals so its just the sketch of an indoor outdoor fun dance.  Thanks to Pro-Arte Jalisco, the finest dance & arts studio in Guadalajara and thanks to the dancers:  Alejandra Cole, Michel Mendoza, Gaby Molina, Marisa Torres, thanks to my new collaborator Jonathon Montaña who is doing camera, that´s me the older foreign one directing and editing and generally making this up.  Vladimir Campoy was not at these shoot days but is definitely a part of this piece in Version 1.1…

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