August 2013

Month: August 2013

The Rehearsal/El Ensayo: Peter & the Wolf

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This video goes behind the scenes, a youth orchestra teams up with a student dance company to create a version of Peter and the Wolf. In these videos for the TV series Pasion por las Artes I´m finding its much more interesting to take a look at the process rather than just document a performance or a gallery show. Interestingly, and coincidentally, the 2 maestros here come from the same school of the arts in Havana, Cuba, where for the time of their education, roughly the 1970´s and 1980´s, some of the best worldwide performing artists trained.


Abstract Artists of Jalisco Mexico

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This show at the Manuel Felguerez museum provides an overview of new and not so new artists out of the state of Jalisco, Mexico.  What is incredible about the state of Zacatecas MX is the wealth of support and energy in the visual arts, well incredible to somebody like me from the US.  Here in these episodes we will look at this work being done and being exhibited here in this region, I encourage you all to come and enjoy.

Carlos Castañeda artista: el Arte y la Muerte

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Carlos Castañeda is a young printmaker and visual artist from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He works from cadavres and pictures of violent death. The first part of this video explores briefly images of death in art across eras and cultures. Then we interview Carlos at an opening of a recent exhibition and take a look at his work.

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