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Museo del Arte Raúl Anguiano: Shows, winter 2018

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The Museo del Arte Raúl Anguiano in Guadalajara, Jalisco MX is the newest contemporary art museum in Guadalajara, inaugurated in 2003. This set of 3 general spaces may be the youngest in spirit, with eccentric shaped gallery groups, logically veering towards conceptual art and unique voices under the direction of Patricia Urzúa.. Raúl Anguiano, 1915- 2006, was a Mexican painter, muralist and artistic visionary whose work is in museums & private collections worldwide as well as here in the MURA permanent collection.

This video began as a location scout for a dance video piece that fell through but I hope to do at a later date with another group of exhibitions. I really loved this place and these shows, from the angular double roomed pieces by Isa Carillo called Hipótesis del tiempo, to the wild little completely red room – and yes I thought of the Kubrick/King “redrum” from “The Shining”, ya know murder backwards – centering a geometric circular with windows and projections 3 person exhibit LA IMAGEN PERDIDA by Javier M. Rodriguez, Leo Marz and Fabiola Torres-Alzaga. Shades of Duchamp in the projection windows.

For me as is clear in the video the kicker killer show by Sofia Crimen was DEMAGOGOS, Pequeño dios o gran farsante. Partly sure as it captures the 2018 weird zeitgeist for a US expat – teeny god/god of the teeny or big farcist. The strange combo of laughter, delight, screams and horror the pieces suggest with the weird rabbit behind a soapbar wall glued to his/her screen, well that would be me or us all maybe.

I love doing arts videos, recently in Zacatecas produced a 24 part series of half hour shows about the arts in sorta this style but with focus also on the artists at work. This experience flung me 3 years or so into that groove big time. Enjoy the art and search up the artists.

The museum is right near the Monumento de los Niños Heroes at the base of Avenida Chapultepec in beautiful Guadalajara – make sure you check it out when you are there… Av. Mariano Otero 375
Col. Moderna
CP 44150
Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tels.: (33) 1377 7909, 1201 8744


Pasión por las Artes some clips

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Here are some cuts from arts videos shot in San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas and Guadalajara, México, roughly between 2010 and the present 2018.

Club Ciclista San Luis: El Huizache a La Huasteca

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Club Ciclista San Luis: El Huizache a La Huasteca

Club Ciclista San Luis does a four day tour on road bicycles of the state every August. This piece covers the trek from El Huizache, a small altiplano desert community, down into the lush Huasteca Potosina. The music by Samuel Martínex Herrera with Huazzteco is the first recording of this group which explores traditional Huapango music using singers and players native to the Huasteca region, along with jazz musicians from Mexico and USA.

´Round Midday

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This is the beta version of a video dance fooling around with the structure and ambiance of Thelonius Monk´s classic “´Round Midnight”, this is a version recorded in 1966 in Norway. We were doing this summertime so had ridiculous turnover of dancers who could and could not make rehearsals so its just the sketch of an indoor outdoor fun dance. Thanks to Pro-Arte Jalisco, the finest dance & arts studio in Guadalajara and thanks to the dancers: Alejandra Cole, Michel Mendoza, Gaby Molina, Marisa Torres, thanks to my new collaborator Jonathon Montaña who is doing camera, that´s me the older foreign one directing and editing and generally making this up. Vladimir Campoy was not at these shoot days but is definitely a part of this piece in Version 1.1…

Joffrey Ballet School at Pro-Arte Jalisco

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Un taller fantastico con Joffrey Ballet School maestras Yusha Sorzano and Angelica Stiskin, coordinado por Monica Montano y Directora de Pro-Arte Jalisco Gaby Fernandez. Un reto y una inspiración para los bailarines…

We had a great 4 day workshop with Joffrey Ballet School maestras Yusha Sorzano and Angelica Stiskin, coordinated by Monica Montano with Pro-Arte Jalisco Director Gaby Fernandez. Was a challenge and inspiration for our dancers….

Y´all gotta go sometime in your life to Sabado de Gloria, the Saturday before Easter, at least once in your life.  When Salvador Juarez my dear friend described this to me, no I did not believe him.  2,000 charros and etc.  At the time of this shoot my español was not as great as it is now (ha) but they say 1 pm “Quema de Judas” and I figured they´d set them on fire.  So I am in a great position and then they light and explode with gunpowder and tequila these Judases!!  all my sins were forgiven…

This video is clips from a lucky scout for interesting haciendas – well lots of them are interesting and very evocative of the history of México.  We are putting together a series about central MX haciendas and were fortunate to meet Sr. Ignacio Muriel, whose family has owned and managed this property since 1840.  Its in great shape, having survived the tumult of the revolution and the cuts of the land reform in 1930´s – through sheer determination, good relations with neighbors, workers, contractors;  adept negotiation with the Villistas during the 1910 – 1920 revolution – the image 1 in this video is typical of the fate of other haciendas.

additional fotos Lucy Nieto:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/lucynieto      music :  Jorge Martínez Zapata “Reyendo el Sol” +  Jorge Mtz Herrera w Cabal y Fuego “Tangos”, all Potosinos.    The flute “Allegro” is Horacio Franco of Mexico City from CD  “Mestizajes Novohispanos”


We had the opportunity to talk with Eddie Gomez during his Mexican tour, get video of a master class and concert. He and his musicians are great as well as generous performers/teachers. I have loved his work since the late great Bill Evans trio http://tinyurl.com/hon6n8e

Taller de Escultura

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The Zacatecas Mexico Secretary of Culture developed a sculpture workshop a year ago in a large space above its own office installations. With individual artist workshops as well as commissions and programs for the public its creative productive atmosphere overlooking the colonial city and mountains is a great place to visit and work. With a bronze foundry and materials such as stone, granite, marble and whatever artists who have not yet had the 3 dimensional experience check out this aspect of creative work. In this video we meet some of the participants and watch them work.

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