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Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí part 1

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Every August the road bicycle club Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí does a four day state-wide tour in conjunction with the Feria Nacional Potosina – in this video we accompany the cyclists on the first two legs – from their base, the state capitol San Luis Potosí over to agricultural center Rio Verde, then the following day over the Sierra Madre Oriental from the valley of Rio Verde into the Huasteca Potosina.  The Huasteca which covers three states – Hidalgo, Veracruz and SLP, is tropical and filled with waterfalls, rivers and natural sites.  Its a sugar cane growing region which remains indigenous, the Huastec or Tének people and the Nahua.

Bicycle touring is a great way to feel the way the terrain and climates change, to meet people along the way.  This Vuelta combines four hours of hard cycling in the morning with afternoons exploring the sites and regional foods.

´Round Midday

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This is the beta version of a video dance fooling around with the structure and ambiance of Thelonius Monk´s classic “´Round Midnight”, this is a version recorded in 1966 in Norway.  We were doing this summertime so had ridiculous turnover of dancers who could and could not make rehearsals so its just the sketch of an indoor outdoor fun dance.  Thanks to Pro-Arte Jalisco, the finest dance & arts studio in Guadalajara and thanks to the dancers:  Alejandra Cole, Michel Mendoza, Gaby Molina, Marisa Torres, thanks to my new collaborator Jonathon Montaña who is doing camera, that´s me the older foreign one directing and editing and generally making this up.  Vladimir Campoy was not at these shoot days but is definitely a part of this piece in Version 1.1…

Joffrey Ballet School at Pro-Arte Jalisco

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Un taller fantastico con Joffrey Ballet School maestras Yusha Sorzano and Angelica Stiskin, coordinado por Monica Montano y Directora de Pro-Arte Jalisco Gaby Fernandez. Un reto y una inspiración para los bailarines…

We had a great 4 day workshop with Joffrey Ballet School maestras Yusha Sorzano and Angelica Stiskin, coordinated by Monica Montano with Pro-Arte Jalisco Director Gaby Fernandez. Was a challenge and inspiration for our dancers….

rehearsal of MONTZAQUI by Adriana Quinto

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Rodrigo Agraz y Zoe Rubio ensayan este duo de Adriana Quinto; estudio de Pro-Arte, Guadalajara, Jalisco MX, marzo 2016.
“Montzaqui” significa corazón en nahuatl, el idioma dominante de los indigenous de México

Rodrigo Agraz & Zoe Rubio rehearse this duet choreographed by Adrina Quinto; in the studio of Pro-Arte Guadalajara, Jalisco MX, March 2016.   The title “Montzaqui” means heart in Nahuatl, the principal indigenous language of Mexico.

Jerez Zacatecas: Sabado de Gloria

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Y´all gotta go sometime in your life to Sabado de Gloria, the Saturday before Easter, at least once in your life.  When Salvador Juarez my dear friend described this to me, no I did not believe him.  2,000 charros and etc.  At the time of this shoot my español was not as great as it is now (ha) but they say 1 pm “Quema de Judas” and I figured they´d set them on fire.  So I am in a great position and then they light and explode with gunpowder and tequila these Judases!!  all my sins were forgiven…

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