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Culture Fest 2013 – music, art & more

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Here are a few highlights from the Zacatecas Cultural Festival 2013.  Codigo Postal is a really nice musical group from Veracruz for jazz-folk sound.  The Javier Marin sculpture exhibition shows off this artist´s range, he has achieved an international reputation, we are very fortunate here in Mexico to have access to so many great visual artists and their work.

These videos and more content are now featured on Mexico Explorer TV in the series hosted by Susana Salinas “Pasion por las Artes.”  Mexico Explorer TV is on satellite from USA south to Venezuela, soon to be on cable systems throughout Mexico.

La Charreria

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Mexitv is beginning a new series with Mexico Explorer TV in Zacatecas and charro/trainer of horses Ramiro Vargas which will explore the history and techniques of this unique Mexican tradition.  We are shooting at Lienzo Charro in Zacatecas and various ranches around the state as a prelude to the international championship event in October 2012 here in Zacatecas capital.

The formal beginnings of Charreria were under unlucky Emporer, the Hapsburg Maximilian, who was interested in fusing Mexican ranch and hacienda horsemanship with a European formality.  The horses came into Mexico with Hernan Cortez and from the start were a huge part of the conquest.  We will explore in later episodes the assimilation of the horse into the native culture and the creation of this great sport.

Many people have doubts about the treatment of the animals in charreria – I will be sure to ask these questions of the experts in the coming weeks.  But first I ask you to consider, these trainers and riders have grown up with and live with and love their horses.  They have personal investment in maintaining the health and happiness of their animal companions.  Speaking as a city and suburb native, who do you think knows better about how to care for their animals – they who live with them or me who has little experience so far with anything larger than my dog?

The opening music is by Sones de Mexico, a great Chicago based group, who interpret a Bach Brandenburg with traditional Mexican instrumentation.  Then, at the opening of the Charreria, you hear the Marcha de Zacatecas, which of course accompanies this parade of the charros at each event.

thanks to Gil, Toño, Ramiro & Galo


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