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Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí part 1

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Every August the road bicycle club Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí does a four day state-wide tour in conjunction with the Feria Nacional Potosina – in this video we accompany the cyclists on the first two legs – from their base, the state capitol San Luis Potosí over to agricultural center Rio Verde, then the following day over the Sierra Madre Oriental from the valley of Rio Verde into the Huasteca Potosina.  The Huasteca which covers three states – Hidalgo, Veracruz and SLP, is tropical and filled with waterfalls, rivers and natural sites.  Its a sugar cane growing region which remains indigenous, the Huastec or Tének people and the Nahua.

Bicycle touring is a great way to feel the way the terrain and climates change, to meet people along the way.  This Vuelta combines four hours of hard cycling in the morning with afternoons exploring the sites and regional foods.

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