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El Secreto. Detras del Escenario

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Los Cosmicomicos are a theatre group, now together 10 years – you can see some of their previous works on this site like Princesa de los Vientos (2012) and Los Colmillos del Oeste (2011).  In this video we interview Director Sergio Salinas, Dramaturge Paola Reyes, Production Director Juan Chavez, Costume Designer Susana Salinas, Set Designer Sandra Santiago and Musician/Arranger Jesus Sanchez – and we take a look at rehearsal footage shot in the Palacio de Convenciones of Zacatecas, obviously for a piece this huge you need a big space.

Los Cosmicomicos have now been together about 10 years, growing out of a street theatre and improvisation base into larger and more complex pieces.  This year they toured Venezuela, an upcoming Colombia tour is in the works, and as Juan says here each step involves more contacts and further challenges – for instance for some of the pirates featured here its their first time in front of a crowd of several thousand, so the nerves are up.  For the music, composed and principally performed by David Duron & Jesus Sanchez, the University of Zacatecas Symphony recorded tracks and performed live.  So its bigger and better all the time…

The masks in the central scene are designed and fabricated out of resin by Mexico City/Zacatecas sculptor Hugo Calderon.

For you English speakers I promise subtitles when I get caught up!  In any case, the upcoming video of the primiere of The Secret needs no translation – its pure large scale visual and audio imagery.  to take a look at the scope of the Los Cosmicomicos´work, and to get in touch.

Life Drawing with Maestra Susana Salinas

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Susana shows various techniques and methods to work with a live model. This workshop was sponsored by the group Construccion de la Imagen formed by artist Miguel Angel Ortiz Bonilla.

Pasión por las Artes: Promo

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This is a promo for a new series hosted by artist Susana Salinas, developed by MexiTV and Mexico Explorer TV in Zacatecas, Mexico. This region and in fact this country hosts a great wealth of talent in theatre, dance, visual arts and music. We will take you behind the scenes and explore the creative.

Artist: Susana Salinas

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Susana is a versatile and gifted artist from Mexico whose current collection is called Caricatas, they are smallish except for the thigh-high sculpture next to the Alice-in-Wonderland chair by Francisco Espinosa.

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