Susticacan, Zacatecas

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The beautiful small town in the sierra of Susticacan is unique in that it has remained autonomous since its founding in 1562. The Indigenous populations inhabiting the town never capitulated to the Spanish. Its a clean place, filled with flowers, fruit trees and gardens. The town fiesta is August 15th, when natives who live and work abroad come back to celebrate.

Fiesta Jerez

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Jerez, Zacatecas has the most awesome Saturday before Easter Fiesta you can imagine. It´s ranch country and hundreds of charros (Mexican cowboys with the wide sombreros) take to the streets and if you don´t know before what is Banda music, well you will. The traditional burning of Judas effigies surprises our camera person as they are explosions, kind of scary. Its the wild kick off to the springtime fair of this great state.

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