Pasión por las Artes some clips

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Here are some cuts from arts videos shot in San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas and Guadalajara, México, roughly between 2010 and the present 2018.

Zacatecas Cultural Festival 2013

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Here are a few highlights from the Zacatecas Cultural Festival 2013. Codigo Postal is a really nice musical group from Veracruz for jazz-folk sound. The Javier Marin sculpture exhibition shows off this artist´s range, he has achieved an international reputation 
(http://javiermarin.com.mx/), we are very fortunate here in Mexico to have access to so many great visual artists and their work.

These videos and more content are now featured on Mexico Explorer TV in the series hosted by Susana Salinas “Pasion por las Artes”. Mexico Explorer TV is available via satellite from USA south to Venezuela and soon to be on cable systems throughout Mexico.


Zacatecas Cultural Festival 2010

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We get spoiled here in Mexico with the great arts offerings. The 2010 festival of the arts featured Gary Burton, YES, Baaba Maal and the incomparable Lila Downs.

Desfile de Danzas

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The 2011 Zacatecas Cultural Festival opened with a parade of the individual dances from fiestas from throughout the state and it was a rare treat. In a currently sparsely populated state its unusual to get to the 3-hours distant Southern rim which lies on the border with Jalisco, but I promise you all, after meeting and seeing these Tastuanes Alfonso the Anthropologist and I are doing our best to see their July 25 fiesta to Santo Santiago, their patron… they were mouth dropping intense, strange, funny and cool, all the good things.

Each small community features a dance with lots of heritage – the Matlachine you see in different versions usually plays tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe. These are not obviously hyper-choreographed and packaged versions of the native dances, they are living rituals.

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