´Round Midday

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This is the beta version of a video dance fooling around with the structure and ambiance of Thelonius Monk´s classic “´Round Midnight”, this is a version recorded in 1966 in Norway. We were doing this summertime so had ridiculous turnover of dancers who could and could not make rehearsals so its just the sketch of an indoor outdoor fun dance. Thanks to Pro-Arte Jalisco, the finest dance & arts studio in Guadalajara and thanks to the dancers: Alejandra Cole, Michel Mendoza, Gaby Molina, Marisa Torres, thanks to my new collaborator Jonathon Montaña who is doing camera, that´s me the older foreign one directing and editing and generally making this up. Vladimir Campoy was not at these shoot days but is definitely a part of this piece in Version 1.1…


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6 julio 2016   GALA DIVERTIMENTO de PRO ARTE JALISCO a Teatro Experimental de Jalisco   info


Rodrigo Agraz y Zoe Rubio ensayan este duo de Adriana Quinto; estudio de Pro-Arte, Guadalajara, Jalisco MX, marzo 2016.
“Montzaqui” significa corazón en nahuatl, el idioma dominante de los indigenous de México

Rodrigo Agraz & Zoe Rubio rehearse this duet choreographed by Adrina Quinto; in the studio of Pro-Arte Guadalajara, Jalisco MX, March 2016. The title “Montzaqui” means heart in Nahuatl, the principal indigenous language of Mexico.


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Maya got her initial training with Ignacio Sotolongo of Zacatecas, Mexico and spends summers here in Zacacatecas. She describes her experience as a first year dance student in Cuba, heading back there soon.

Alexandra Garcia

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Easy to Love by Doris Day presents the backdrop for this short dance by Polly Wilkinson in Alexandra’s beautiful new studio in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Desfile de Danzas

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The 2011 Zacatecas Cultural Festival opened with a parade of the individual dances from fiestas from throughout the state and it was a rare treat. In a currently sparsely populated state its unusual to get to the 3-hours distant Southern rim which lies on the border with Jalisco, but I promise you all, after meeting and seeing these Tastuanes Alfonso the Anthropologist and I are doing our best to see their July 25 fiesta to Santo Santiago, their patron… they were mouth dropping intense, strange, funny and cool, all the good things.

Each small community features a dance with lots of heritage – the Matlachine you see in different versions usually plays tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe. These are not obviously hyper-choreographed and packaged versions of the native dances, they are living rituals.

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