Y´all gotta go sometime in your life to Sabado de Gloria, the Saturday before Easter, at least once in your life.  When Salvador Juarez my dear friend described this to me, no I did not believe him.  2,000 charros and etc.  At the time of this shoot my español was not as great as it is now (ha) but they say 1 pm “Quema de Judas” and I figured they´d set them on fire.  So I am in a great position and then they light and explode with gunpowder and tequila these Judases!!  all my sins were forgiven…

Jerez Zacatecas Sabado de Gloria:  when my friend Salvador Juarez described this fiesta I was new-ish in México and said – yeah, yeah.  He was right and I was wrong.  There are 25 banda bands and 2,000+ charros and all the rest.  The Saturday before Easter every year, the open of the Fiesta de Primavera in that beautiful town.

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