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Museo del Arte Raúl Anguiano: Shows, winter 2018

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The Museo del Arte Raúl Anguiano in Guadalajara, Jalisco MX is the newest contemporary art museum in Guadalajara, inaugurated in 2003. This set of 3 general spaces may be the youngest in spirit, with eccentric shaped gallery groups, logically veering towards conceptual art and unique voices under the direction of Patricia Urzúa.. Raúl Anguiano, 1915- 2006, was a Mexican painter, muralist and artistic visionary whose work is in museums & private collections worldwide as well as here in the MURA permanent collection.

This video began as a location scout for a dance video piece that fell through but I hope to do at a later date with another group of exhibitions. I really loved this place and these shows, from the angular double roomed pieces by Isa Carillo called Hipótesis del tiempo, to the wild little completely red room – and yes I thought of the Kubrick/King “redrum” from “The Shining”, ya know murder backwards – centering a geometric circular with windows and projections 3 person exhibit LA IMAGEN PERDIDA by Javier M. Rodriguez, Leo Marz and Fabiola Torres-Alzaga. Shades of Duchamp in the projection windows.

For me as is clear in the video the kicker killer show by Sofia Crimen was DEMAGOGOS, Pequeño dios o gran farsante. Partly sure as it captures the 2018 weird zeitgeist for a US expat – teeny god/god of the teeny or big farcist. The strange combo of laughter, delight, screams and horror the pieces suggest with the weird rabbit behind a soapbar wall glued to his/her screen, well that would be me or us all maybe.

I love doing arts videos, recently in Zacatecas produced a 24 part series of half hour shows about the arts in sorta this style but with focus also on the artists at work. This experience flung me 3 years or so into that groove big time. Enjoy the art and search up the artists.

The museum is right near the Monumento de los Niños Heroes at the base of Avenida Chapultepec in beautiful Guadalajara – make sure you check it out when you are there… Av. Mariano Otero 375
Col. Moderna
CP 44150
Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco
Tels.: (33) 1377 7909, 1201 8744

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