alebrijes de oaxaca



Temo, el Señor de los Dragones, makes dragons – and some gargoyles, some praying mantis sculptures, some unicorns, a few devils; but above all flying winged dragons of many colors and sizes.  From his native Oaxaca where he began carving the popular “alebrijes” as a kid, he and his creatures have been shown throughout Oaxaca & Chiapas in Southern Mexico, Puebla & Mexico DF in the center o México; he has achieved commissions and recognition including from Ripley´s Believe it of Not Museum, and he is working now in central Mexico.  These videos are from La Leyenda Restaurant in downtown Zacatecas.

This video explores dragons in art history – they are all over the place.  Then we take a look at alebrijes, I was surprised and kinda pleased to see a huge influence in these pop art sculptures coming from the French surrealists in the 1930´s.  Seems the more we look into imagery and artwork the geographic & social position connections emerge, become evident.  I think Temo – who is very fluid and fast in his constructions – would be a fabulous designer for theme parks, toys, video games…he is unusual, fun, talented and original.

Get in touch & see more at    and google Temo for lots more videos & pix

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