Caminando por el Campo de Batalla

Caminando por el Campo de Batalla

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We went up to the Bufa a few months ago with Eduardo Gonzalez, a friend who has lived here all his life and studied intensively the military history of the Toma de Zacatecas.  So this video is a look from “on the ground”  imagining back to 23 june 1914, 100 years ago this month.

Thanks to the best camera guy Manuel “Chuy” Martinez, to Maria Tzin and Galo.

I put the music dedication to the late Maestro Jorge Martínez Zapata;  Samuel Mtz. Herrera gave a concert of his dad´s music in Teatro Calderón, Zacatecas in May.  I got 2 of Sam´s CD´s with the project Huazzteco that I hadn´t heard yet —  the Maestro began yrs ago his project of excavating Mexican folk tunes and arranging in a jazz mentality – not imitation jazz that you hear so much from Amsterdam to Argentina, but jazz modalities, methodology, concepts, rigorous.  Samuel´s music is a surprising original and profound continuation of his father´s concept – Thanks to the both of them, and of course to Jorge Mtz Herrera, classical & flamenco guitar – a whole different angle on the work.

1st tune is Horacio Franco, flute from “Mestizajes Novohispanos”,  then “La Rosa”, “Jarabe Loco” de J Mtz Zapata, finally “Danse Macabre” of Saint Saens (Fr/1875)

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