LOS COSMICOMICOS: “El Secreto….A traves de los vasos”

LOS COSMICOMICOS: “El Secreto….A traves de los vasos”

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LOS COSMICOMICOS ….El Secreto … A traves de los vasos

This video is the primiere of El Secreto, at the October 2013 International Street Theatre Festival in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Unlike last year´s large scale work La Princesa de los Vientos, in this project the audience is not fixed, they follow the action across a large triangular shaped plaza.  In the video here Detras del Escenario the participants describe the process.  Highlights are the great mobile pirate ship, the antique underwater look of the musicians, and the friends of Lucia descending from a tall smokestack in harnesses into the staging area.  Luckily for me here no translation necessary as its visual and sound images ..enjoy!

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