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Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí part 1

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Every August the road bicycle club Club Ciclista de San Luis Potosí does a four day state-wide tour in conjunction with the Feria Nacional Potosina – in this video we accompany the cyclists on the first two legs – from their base, the state capitol San Luis Potosí over to agricultural center Rio Verde, then the following day over the Sierra Madre Oriental from the valley of Rio Verde into the Huasteca Potosina.  The Huasteca which covers three states – Hidalgo, Veracruz and SLP, is tropical and filled with waterfalls, rivers and natural sites.  Its a sugar cane growing region which remains indigenous, the Huastec or Tének people and the Nahua.

Bicycle touring is a great way to feel the way the terrain and climates change, to meet people along the way.  This Vuelta combines four hours of hard cycling in the morning with afternoons exploring the sites and regional foods.

Jerez Zacatecas: Sabado de Gloria

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Y´all gotta go sometime in your life to Sabado de Gloria, the Saturday before Easter, at least once in your life.  When Salvador Juarez my dear friend described this to me, no I did not believe him.  2,000 charros and etc.  At the time of this shoot my español was not as great as it is now (ha) but they say 1 pm “Quema de Judas” and I figured they´d set them on fire.  So I am in a great position and then they light and explode with gunpowder and tequila these Judases!!  all my sins were forgiven…

Eddie Gomez in Mexico 2013: Master Class and Performance

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We had the opportunity to talk with Eddie Gomez during his Mexican tour in August, get video of a master class and concert. He and his musicians are great as well as generous performers/teachers. This Jazz & Blues Festival in August in Zacatecas is in its 6th year, events are at the Manuel Felguerez Abstract Art Museum Thursdays thru Sunday, a nice close-up concert experience.

LOS COSMICOMICOS: “El Secreto….A traves de los vasos”

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LOS COSMICOMICOS ….El Secreto … A traves de los vasos

This video is the primiere of El Secreto, at the October 2013 International Street Theatre Festival in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Unlike last year´s large scale work La Princesa de los Vientos, in this project the audience is not fixed, they follow the action across a large triangular shaped plaza.  In the video here Detras del Escenario the participants describe the process.  Highlights are the great mobile pirate ship, the antique underwater look of the musicians, and the friends of Lucia descending from a tall smokestack in harnesses into the staging area.  Luckily for me here no translation necessary as its visual and sound images ..enjoy!

COSMICOMICOS El Secreto … Detras del Escenario

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The COSMICOMICOS are a theatre group, now together 10 years – you can see some of their previous works on this site like Princesa de los Vientos (2012) and Los Colmillos del Oeste (2011).  In this video we interview Director Sergio Salinas, Dramaturge Paola Reyes, Production Director Juan Chavez, Costume Designer Susana Salinas, Set Designer Sandra Santiago and Musician/Arranger Jesus Sanchez – and we take a look at rehearsal footage shot in the Palacio de Convenciones of Zacatecas, obviously for a piece this huge you need a big space.

The COSMICOMICOS have now been together about 10 years, growing out of a street theatre and improvisation base into larger and more complex pieces.  This year they toured Venezuela, an upcoming Colombia tour is in the works, and as Juan says here each step involves more contacts and further challenges – for instance for some of the pirates featured here its their first time in front of a crowd of several thousand, so the nerves are up.  For the music, composed and principally performed by David Duron & Jesus Sanchez, the University of Zacatecas Symphony recorded tracks and performed live.  So its bigger and better all the time…

The masks in the central scene are designed and fabricated out of resin by Mexico City/Zacatecas sculptor Hugo Calderon.

For you English speakers I promise subtitles when I get caught up!  In any case, the upcoming video of the primiere of The Secret needs no translation – its pure large scale visual and audio imagery.

http://loscosmicomicos.com  to take a look at the scope of the COSMICOMICOS´work, and to get in touch.

SANTUR Jazz Trio

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This jazz trio from Zacatecas, Mexico was featured in the 6th Festival de Jazz y Blues of that state. The concerts and master classes are held at the Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguerez, a beautiful space for this event.




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Nuevo, para el Festival Internacional de Teatro de Calle de Zacatecas, 2013  – “EL SECRETO”.   Los Cosmis han crecido muchos, este año fueron a Venezuela … El Secreto tiene musica de David Doron tocodo en viva con su grupo y con pistas grabados por  la Orquesta Sinfonica Juvenil de Zacatecas!  Con 8 años de trayectoria, los Cosmicomicos siguen creciendo …. PASION por las ARTES graba 2 episodios:  detras del escenario con los musicos, el director, los artistas y ensayando, y el evento en Plaza Bicentenario Zacatecas.

People travelling to Mexico should try to experience the annual International Street Theatre Festival in Zacatecas, mid-October to take advantage of sharing resources with Guanajuato´s great Cervantino Festival.  Featuring companies from Europe, North and South America and regional Mexican groups its a great way to experience theatre – and if you don´t understand Spanish, no problem.  This language is large and visual, outdoors featuring the beautiful spaces of Zacatecas.  It has also become for groups like Cosmicomicos a great way to connect with artists from other regions, forge alliances and begin to participate on the international stages.

Here on mexitv.com you can see a variety of works over the past few years of the Cosmis.  They rotate positions, cover big creative territory and manage to stay together happily adding elements, now touring alot, really a delightful group.

Pasion por las Artes exerpts

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Foreign TV, the Mexican parent company of mexitv.com, produces the TV series Pasion por las Artes.  Here are some exerpts, and contact us here or at www.tvforeign.com to include your project and ideas.

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