Yo, en una Cantina? Part 1

This theatre piece by Compañia Artistica Torrena was featured in the 2013 Festival Cultural Zacatecas.  It was written by Gricelda Torres in the historic cantina Las 15 Letras, and features this cantina in a starring role.  The characters and action refer to the 1940´s golden age of Mexican cinema, in which actors came from the world of theatre, of cabaret, musical comedy and lower forms of performing arts, and characters – much like film noir in the USA – were musicians, drunks, sad women hiding behind happy faces, all sorts of politicians and mafiosos.

The 15 Letras Cantina has been open and run by the same family since 1906.  Women have only been permitted to enter within the past 10 years, a change which was resented by some old-timers fearing their space would be invaded, but for the most part it has been a happy transition.   In 3 parts.

Pasión por las Artes

This is a promo for a new series hosted by artist Susana Salinas, developed by and Mexico Explorer TV in Zacatecas, Mexico. This region and in fact this country hosts a great wealth of talent in theatre, dance, visual arts and music. We will take you behind the scenes and explore thecreative…


This new series will teach you how to mambo, to salsa and to cha-cha-cha … with the Super Maestro Ignacio Sotolongo of Zacatecas, Mexico. Each episode will feature new steps and practice in the studio with our variety of ages and shapes and sizes of great dancers. Then we go out to the streets and beautiful plazas and Nacho will lead us in merengue, rumba and danzon with the public.

CARMEN de Ignacio Sotolongo Rosell y Danzaria

Cuban born choreographer and dancer Ignacio Sotolongo Rosell develops and presents CARMEN, a ballet with young dancers in the group Danzaria of University Autonoma de Zacatecas.  The ballet is presented in the 1891 Teatro Calderon, a centerpiece of Zacatecas architectural treasures.


Maya got her initial training with Ignacio Sotolongo of Zacatecas, Mexico and spends summers here in Zac. She describes her experience as a first year dance student in Cuba, heading back there soon.